America, Teaching Hate Through Fear

Fear cripples us, it stunts our emotional aptitudes. Fear brings us to a type of deadness from which nothing grows. Fear and hate have no great literature or beauty to leave behind, only ugliness. Love is in every song, every book, every movie because of its expansive nature. Love transforms everything it touches into beauty.

When I walk down the street in a state of love, the world holds a different flavor. The colors of the leaves are brighter, the trees sway with a certain grace, the air smells sweeter. Love makes living worthwhile. And you can feel this energy in certain cities and places where people are not paralyzed by pain and fear. The general population is more giving, there is trust, there is a feeling of being at home.

Fear and hate close the heart down, and in turn, the world becomes more constricted too. We feel this energy when we enter a nation with a heavy pain body. Every time I land at JFK airport in NYC, the security guards bark at us like we are convicts, nobody looks each other in the eye, there is a deep mistrust in the other. You have done nothing wrong, yet you feel this fear in the air. And fear is a byproduct of hate.

Our countries feed us this hate, they tell us who are our enemies, which are more often than not each other. We do not get that we have to ‘punch up’.

Like the dictator, Napoleon once said “divide and conquer”. The current presidents of our time utilize the same tactics. They know we are stronger united, and they manipulate our fears as a way for us to fight one another so we do not fight them. They must plot us against each other to continue on with their agendas behind the scenes.

Huge propaganda machines are built to keep this fear alive in the culture. They work to polarize us. Black versus white. Liberal versus conservative. Immigrant versus average American.

The mass media portrays the Black man as a thug, the Arab as a Jihad, the Mexican as a rapist, the Chinese as virus spreaders. The narrative to fear those who are different from the majority has been in place since Africans were used as slaves. The white majority feared their power and aimed to control them. America still does this, look at the prison industrial complex, it is no coincidence that mass incarceration will put 1 in 3 black men into the confines of jail. This is modern-day slavery.

We cannot build a just society around fear and hate, yet this is being fed to us constantly. We do not read about love on the news. We do not see love in politics. The most important powerful force on Earth is missing from our governments and the ones we elect into it. Our leaders must be a personification of love, an embodiment of peace to create systemic change. Our policies are not heart-centered, they are centered around fear, the closing of the heart.

No system can be inherently benevolent when they use hate and fear as the fuel in propelling their people to action. This is how the United States recruits for the Army, they give us a common enemy to place ourselves against. They feed us orchestrated hate against Arabs, and brainwashed people feel righteousness when joining the army.

They feel their hate now has a higher purpose, and they are rewarded for it. They are told they are brave because they put their lives at risk. But they do not know what they are fighting for. The majority of the time we march to war for an untrue cause. The nature of reality is hidden because no intelligent citizen would place their bodies on the front lines of the Afghan War if they know it was for their government stealing oil. And nobody can go to war who is a genuinely happy person. Love makes people happy. If the culture was focused on love, nobody could march into a war. It would be idiotic. So instead manipulation through fear and hate works for the government. They get good soldiers that way.

The American empire has always been based on fear as our main driver. Fear your neighbors, lock your doors, carry a gun. The NRA is synonymous with the government, they most literally profit off citizen’s fear. Buy a gun for the illusion of safety against the thousands of other crazed lunatics buying a gun for the illusion of safety and security. Safety is a joke.

You are not safe in this country because of the rampant sales of guns. You are not safe in this country because of laws like ‘stand your ground’ where you have permission to be trigger happy and kill someone for stepping on your lawn. You are not safe in this country because the government cares more about funneling money into the hands of billionaires than into public health care. You are not safe in this country because the cultural norm is to eat barbecue and McDonald’s. You are more likely to die from self-induced diabetes in this country than a Muslim shooting you.

You are not safe in this country because your chances of going into debt for attending college will leave you overworked and burned out. You are not safe in this country because when the leaders have super pacts with big business they use you as a commodity. You are not safe in this country because hospitals work hand in hand with the opioid industry, doctors are paid to get you hooked, they profit from pain and fueling addiction.

You are not safe because the systems in place, the policies, and the leaders play on your fears. They manipulate your emotions. They carefully orchestrate the problem and they give you a solution, their solution, to fulfill their agendas. But there is another way out of this madness.

We must align our values to those of the heart, and the heart is giving. In our heart space, we want everyone in the country to have access to health care and education at a reasonable cost. In our country we want our children to be able to go to college without being crippled by debt. In our country we want children to be safe going to school and not have their classmates shot by a man with a gun. In our country we want our people to be healthy mentally and physically, we want to end addiction, not fuel it for profit generation.

The essence of love is compassion, and in compassion, there is no way we can place profit above the common good. We must elect leaders who radiate this compassion, the systems in place must be centered around our inherent kindness, not our learned societal greed. Hate is simply the absence of love, and we must learn to love again.

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