The Art of Forgiveness

The ability to forgive directly correlates with the yearning to understand. From blaming, the narrative takes a sudden shift to absolvement. In blame, the whole person becomes that one action, whereas, in understanding, the past story is unearthed that has led them to the act. Understanding goes beyond the surface, whereas blame is seeing the … Continue reading The Art of Forgiveness

Revelations from Ferguson, Missouri

A good friend of mine was a radical. He had learned from Maya Angelou, was friends with the old Black Panthers, and had this fierce sense of justice within him. It spread outward onto everything he touched. He was part of the Black Lives Matter Movement, heavily involved in pushing for prison reform, propelling resources … Continue reading Revelations from Ferguson, Missouri

Transcending Addictions Through Awareness

Meditation has been described as "us getting out of the way of ourselves". Meditation allows us to know ourselves outside of what others have told us we are, and in the stillness and silence we begin to see things clearly. In vipassana, (Buddhist insight meditation), we are consistently observing the thoughts that arise and noting … Continue reading Transcending Addictions Through Awareness

America, Teaching Hate Through Fear

Fear cripples us, it stunts our emotional aptitudes. Fear brings us to a type of deadness from which nothing grows. Fear and hate have no great literature or beauty to leave behind, only ugliness. Love is in every song, every book, every movie because of its expansive nature. Love transforms everything it touches into beauty. … Continue reading America, Teaching Hate Through Fear

UPLIFT Publication: Using Silence as Communication

How Saying Less Helped Me Embody More My practice for the last few months has been one day a week of complete silence. I can engage with others and actively listen but speaking is forbidden, which proved hard in the new environment I was in. Koh Phangan is an active community of spiritual seekers, the … Continue reading UPLIFT Publication: Using Silence as Communication

UPLIFT Publication: Leaving Hedonism for Epicureanism

Finding a Nourishing Middle Ground The friction of my fast-paced hedonist life was leaving me numb and jaded. Whether it was closely embracing eccentric people, substances, unconventional sex, or any bizarre experience, I said yes to everything. I was obsessed with the pursuit of pleasure, feeling the intensity of life surge through me. I was … Continue reading UPLIFT Publication: Leaving Hedonism for Epicureanism

Listening to the Subtle Body through Meditation

As humans we talk constantly to ourselves, our minds are humming with thoughts. We plan for the future, daydream, prioritize and often pass silent judgment. Many of us have existential thoughts that are so complex and confrontative, it consumes us completely. The analytical rational mind is always deciphering the world around it.  What about the … Continue reading Listening to the Subtle Body through Meditation

Full Potential Publication: Meat Consumption is Destroying the Amazon

The future of the Amazon is now in the hands of Brazil's president, Bolsonaro, who plans to exploit the forest for agribusiness development. His strategy involves land clearing, and it is already happening at alarming rates. There has been an increase of  deforestation in the Amazon by 84% since 2018 (Brazil’s National Institute of Space … Continue reading Full Potential Publication: Meat Consumption is Destroying the Amazon